Changing the Device Name

A custom name can be assigned to the device. It is used to identify the AVB entity with ATDECC controllers. It also allows the access to the web remote without using the IP address on Apple macOS™ computers.

The device name is stored to and recalled from presets. Loading a preset can therefore change the device name. The device name is not affected by firmware updates.

Changing the device name is only possible via web remote or ATDECC controller.

To change the device name:
  1. Connect the device by USB or network cable and open the Remote Control Overview.

  2. The device name is shown beneath the RME logo. Click the current name to show a text field.

    wAL 030 3T 1
  3. Type a new name into the text field and press Enter or click ✔︎. The name is immediately applied.

If the device name is used to access the remote control (within the URL, ie. http://devicename.local/), the link to the device changes along with the change of the device name and must be re-entered. The previous URL will not work.