Remote Control Overview

The M-32 DA Pro can be remote controlled. Remote control is activated by default and is not affected by preset changes or device lock.

The network controls over HTTP and AVDECC operate simultaneously. Two or more controller instances are synchronized. The MIDI control communicates either via DIN or embedded into either one of the MADI signals. Both network and MIDI control can be used at the same time.

The remote control protocols are not protected against malicious use. When activated, the remote control server allows anyone on the network to make changes to the configuration of the device. To limit access, secure the network that the device is connected to.

Finding the Device on a Network

The M-32 DA Pro has two integrated network adapters (USB 2.0 and ethernet).

The adapters can be used, individually or simultaneously, to control the device with HTTP ("web remote"). The web remote control works on any IP-based network, including wireless networks.

The ethernet connection additionally supports AVDECC 1722.1 remote protocol, which requires a physical connection (cables), but does not require AVB switches. Wireless routers are not supported for AVDECC.

To enable web remote functionality over HTTP:
  1. Open the remote tab in the STATE section.

    Remote Tab
  2. Ensure that the HTTP Remote setting is switched to wAL ToggleOnSmall ON.


When the device is connected with a USB 2.0 cable to a Apple macOS™ or Microsoft Windows™ computer, a network device is automatically installed in the background that assigns the M-32 DA Pro the following IP address:

Only one of the following products can be connected to the host computer via USB at a time: RME M-32 AD Pro, M-32 DA Pro, 12Mic, AVB Tool, M-1610 Pro.


The integrated ethernet adapter will join an IP network when connected. If no DHCP server is found, for example when connecting the M-32 DA Pro directly to a computer, an address is automatically self-assigned (in the subnet).

To find out the current IP address:
  1. Open the remote tab in the STATE section.

    Remote Tab
  2. The current IP address is displayed.

  3. Enter the IP address in the address bar.

Connecting to the Remote Interface without IP address

Instead of using the IP address, the device name can be entered in the browser window, followed by .local/.

By default, the name is m32-da-pro, and the corresponding URL is therefore:

The length of the custom name should not exceed 63 characters. Spaces in the device name should be written as hyphens ("-") when entering the URL.
on some operating systems or browsers, a trailing dot "." may be required after the 'local' domain: http://m32-da-pro.local./
The device name is stored in a preset. Loading a preset can therefore change the device name and require a different address.

Web Remote

An integrated web server provides an easy-to-use remote control interface for the M-32 DA Pro. It requires a network connection from a desktop or tablet computer with a current browser version.

Compatible browsers:
  • Chrome 83

  • Safari 13

  • Firefox 76

  • Edge 83

    or newer

The browser must support WebGL.

Web Remote Overview

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Firmware Update

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Identifying a Device Remotely

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Power State

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Front Panel Illumination

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AVB Input Streams

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CLOCK Section

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INPUT Section

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Analog Outputs

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OUTPUT Section