Leader Clock

In its default state, the M-32 AD Pro II-D uses an internal reference clock for its audio signals. When connected to other Dante® devices, one device is elected the Leader Clock, and the other devices synchronize via network as Followers. This election takes places automatically and does not require any user interaction.

The current state can be observed in the Dante controller, the web remote and the device display:

Follower Indicator

Follower Indicator

When receiving MADI signals from other devices, these signals must use the same reference clock as the M-32 AD Pro II-D. This is usually achieved by connecting a MADI or Word Clock signal from the M-32 AD Pro II-D to the other MADI device. The other device must then be configured to use that signal as a reference clock signal.

Alternatively, a device connected via MADI or Word Clock can be used as an external reference clock. This may be necessary when the configuration of the MADI device cannot be changed. The external clock must match the sample rate configured and the M-32 AD Pro II-D must be clock leader.

Synchronizing to External

To configure an external clock preference on the device:
  1. Enter the CLOCK section (see Use of the Display and Encoder).

  2. Select an external clock source and push the encoder to confirm.

    reference clock
  3. Toggle "Sync To External" to 'on' using the encoder.

    reference clock
To configure an external clock preference using the web remote:
  1. In the Clock panel, locate the button for the corresponding clock and click it.

  2. Within the dropdown, press Set as external clock preference.

    Reference Clock Preference