Thank you for purchasing the AVB Tool.

The AVB Tool combines four instrument, line and microphone inputs, two line outputs, and a headphone output with MADI and AVB routing capabilities. Among its outstanding features: digital no-compromise studio quality converters, remote control, and a user interface optimized for rapid configuration and control.

The device state can be inspected and modified directly on the front panel with an encoder knob, a display, four buttons that change their function depending on the current feature, and a button on each input channel. It is possible to rapidly create gain groups, switch phantom power and route signals to the headphone without entering complex submenus.

The RME AVB Core has implemented the IEEE standards for audio streaming, discovery and control meticulously, allowing the devices to be discovered and fully controlled by any AVB controller and making vendor-specific control protocols a thing of the past. Any signal reaching the AVB Tool can be routed and streamed over deterministic networks with fixed latency and guaranteed bandwidth - no switch configuration required!

The coaxial MADI port and a slot for a second, independent or redundant optical MADI port (SFP module) can be used for daisy chaining, merging and converting MADI signals with lowest latencies.

A web frontend offers convenient access to the device controls and its integrated routing matrix. The integrated matrix allows free routing between analog inputs and headphone outputs, as well as all channels of both MADI ports, the AVB streams, and the analog line outputs.

The following manual provides a detailed explanation of features and their proper use. Please read the safety instructions carefully.

Features described in this manual may change when the device firmware is updated. It is therefore recommended to refer to the latest version of the manual available online.

Although the contents of this manual have been thoroughly checked for errors, RME cannot guarantee that it is correct throughout. RME does not accept responsibility for any misleading or incorrect information within this guide. RME reserves the right to change specifications at any time without notice.