Power Supplies

The M-32 DA Pro II has two internal power supplies (PSUs) that are connected via IEC C14 inlets labeled "PSU 1" and "PSU 2" at the rear of the device. The power supplies are designed with a wide-input voltage range, accommodating a variety of power sources. They are short-circuit-proof, have an integrated line-filter, are fully regulated against voltage fluctuations, and suppress mains interference.

The inlets are labeled in the sequence they appear when looking from the front of the device. This helps identifying the active power source on the display.
w322 020 2C 1

The power switch next to the two inlets internally disconnects the line connection of the C14 inlets to the power supplies. Ground and neutral will remain connected.

Lockable IEC plugs

The inlets can be used with special IEC power cords that have a lockable connector. Please contact a local distributor to purchase these power cords if needed.