Network Connection

On the rear of the M-32 DA Pro II, two RJ45 connectors labeled NET (PRI) and NET (SEC) provide ethernet connectivity. The supported link speed is 1 Gb/s for AVB.

w322 021 10C 1

A green LED (left) signals network traffic (blinking). A yellow LED (right) signals a successful link.

Both straight and crossover cables can be used (Auto MDI-X). Cable lengths of up to 100m are supported when using Cat 5e or higher classification.

The network ports are used to send and receive:
  • up to eight AVB audio streams when connected to AVB switches and endpoints,

  • remote status/control with ATDECC, and

  • remote status/control with HTTP over IP routed networks.

The current link state is also shown on the display of the M-32 DA Pro II.

Two network port icons on the standby screen reveal the following states:

Link Icons



wAL 021 10C 3

No link - cable not connected

wAL 021 10C 4

Negotiating link with other endpoint

wAL 021 10C 5

Link with speed of 100 MBit/s (not supported for audio streams)

wAL 021 10C 6

Successful link with speed of 1 GBit/s