Thank you for purchasing the M-1610 Pro.

The M-1610 Pro is a versatile multichannel format converter with exceptional audio quality across each of its channels. State-of-the art components from audiophile grade converters have been carefully aligned to fit into a compact, 1 HU 19" rack device.

A display with encoder gives access to all configuration options directly at the device. The phones output at the front can receive any signal connected to the device - analog or digital. The analog I/O at the back are accessible via D-Sub 25 connectors. In addition, the first two line level outputs are also available as TRS. The last six of the 16 analog line level inputs also accept 6.3 mm (1/4") plugs.

Each analog channel can be individually adjusted to three different sensitivities that are perfectly matched to the converter’s range. While this is usually implemented with digital 'trims', the M-1610 Pro does the adjustment in the analog domain, ensuring that the converter’s signal to noise ratio is not reduced when adapting to common line levels.

Digital audio can be received, routed, and sent over MADI and AVB. While MADI remains the de-facto standard of point-to-point audio transmission, AVB has been chosen as a robust network solution based on open standards. It supports sending and receiving of up to 128 audio channels over a single network cable.

Various remote control protocols allow the device to be configured seamlessly via IEEE 1722.1 ATDECC, JSON OSC and a web interface accessible by network or USB connection with a browser.

The following manual provides a detailed explanation of features and their proper use. Please read the safety instructions carefully.

Although the contents of this manual have been thoroughly checked for errors, RME can not guarantee that it is correct throughout. RME does not accept responsibility for any misleading or incorrect information within this guide. RME reserves the right to change specifications at any time without notice.