Analog Line Output Connectors

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The rear of the M-1610 Pro features a 25-pin D-sub connectors labeled "LINE OUT" with Tascam®-pinout.

The short circuit protected, low impedance balanced line outputs at the D-Sub connectors do not operate servo balanced. When connecting unbalanced equipment, make sure pin 3 ("cold") of the output is not connected. A connection to ground may cause a decreased THD (higher distortion) and increased power consumption!

In addition, the first two analog output channels are available on separate TRS connectors. These outputs have their own driver stage and can be used in combination with the corresponding D-Sub channels. "Analog Out 1, 2" in the output routing controls both the two TRS output channels and the D-Sub channels 1 and 2.

The TRS output stages have a servo balanced design. Therefore unbalanced TS plugs can be used without a difference in output level. This is different from the Phones output in balanced mode, where TS plugs should not be used.

The maximum output power at the TRS connectors is +19 dBu (balanced and unbalanced). This reference level is also applied when switching output ch. 1, 2 to +24 dBu. The higher reference level is only available at the D-Sub connectors.