AVB Output Streams

The AVB streams leaving the M-1610 Pro are described as "output streams". In this case, the device acts as a talker. The talker defines the presentation time and therefore the latency across the network. This is set per default to 2 ms. See AVB Network Latency for details on AVB latency.

The output streams of the M-1610 Pro are by default empty, containing a clock signal but no audio signal. To send audio with AVB, a routing must be created for each outgoing stream.

To establish a connection between a talker and a listener, an AVDECC controller is required. The M-1610 Pro does not include an AVDECC controller.

Outgoing AVB streams are monitored by the device. The possible states of the color indicator bar of each output stream are the following:

Description Indicator Possible solution



Create routing



Create connection with AVDECC controller



SR mismatch


Verify that the sample rates of talker and listener are identical


yellow …​

Wait for listener to be ready

Listener Fail


Verify proper listener configuration

No Bandwidth


Use faster network speed (1 GBit/s instead of 100 MBit/s)

Domain Boundary


Reconnect all devices and reboot switch

Internal Error


Reboot device

Change AVB Output Stream Size and Format

Each of the eight outgoing AVB streams can have a size of 1-8, 12 or 16 channels in AM824 and AAF stream formats, or 0 channels in CRF Media Clock stream format.

To change the amount of channels and its format in the outgoing AVB stream on the device:
  1. Open one of the eight AVB tabs in the OUTPUT section.

    w16 330 2T 1
  2. Move the cursor to highlight the current AVB stream size and press the encoder.

  3. Rotate the encoder to configure a new stream size and stream format and confirm by pressing the encoder again.

To change the amount of channels of the outgoing AVB streams:
  1. Connect the device by USB or network cable and open the web remote.

  2. Open one of the outgoing AVB Ports.

  3. Select the configuration within the AVB output port to open the outgoing stream settings.

  4. Adjust output streams as necessary and click OK.

Changing a stream size briefly interrupts all outgoing AVB streams.