Analog Input Connectors

XLR/TRS combo jacks 1-4

On the front of the device, four combined XLR/TRS inputs labeled "1" to "4" can be used for microphone, line and instrument signals. Phantom power (48 V) for microphones can be activated on each XLR input, high impedance ("Hi-Z") can be activated when using unbalanced TS connectors. Both XLR and TRS jacks accept balanced signals and maintain full symmetry internally all the way to the A/D converter. Phantom power is not applied at the TRS inputs.

XLR inputs 5-12

Eight additional XLR inputs labeled "5" to "12" can be used for microphone and line level signals. The internal circuits are identical to the first four channels in XLR mode, with a fully symmetrical design.

When using unbalanced XLR, be sure to connect pin 3 (negative/"cold") to pin 1 (ground), to avoid noise from the unconnected pin 3 input.