Analog Outputs

Phones Out

w1A 311 1C 1

The front TRS connector can be used for phones or as a balanced mono output. Any incoming signal can be routed to the phones output. Analog input signals can be temporarily routed to the phones output while the original routing remains saved. A button on the standby screen gives access to all features of the output.

The analog output level meters show the routed input signal relative to 0 dBFS (pre gain) in grey color in the background, and additionally the calculated output level post gain in green color in the foreground.

Adjusting the Headphone Volume

The volume of the unbalanced phone outputs can be adjusted separately or as a stereo pair.

To adjust the headphone volume on the device:
  1. While on the main screen, rotate the encoder. The current volume will be shown below the encoder on the screen.

    w12 311 3T 1
To separate the left and right headphone channels:
  1. Open the headphone configuration by clicking the phones icon on the main screen.

  2. Open the additional settings by pressing the encoder.

    w1A 311 3T 2
  3. Press the "Stereo" button to separate the left and right channel. Each channel now has its own volume control which can be accessed by toggling the following button on the phones screen:

    w12 311 3T 3

Follow the same procedure to join the two channels as a Stereo channel.

w1A 311 3T 4
To adjust the phones output level:
  1. Open the corresponding output channel strip.

  2. Use the encoder to adjust the gain in the 'PHONES' channel strip.

Press the Shift key while dragging the knob for finer adjustments.
Clicking twice on the encoder knob opens a text field that can be used to input a value using the keyboard.
To separate the left and right headphone channels:
  1. Press the Button labeled "Stereo". The button turns grey and a second channel strip opens with its own gain control.

Press the "Stereo" button again to create a stereo channel.

Any previously created gain offset between left and right channel will be ignored when joining the channels to a stereo group.

Muting the Phones Output

To mute the phones output:
  1. While on the main screen, press the headphone button. The phones settings open.

    w12 311 4T 1
  2. Press the mute button. It turns red to symbolize that the phones are muted.

wAL 311 4T 2
To mute the phones output using the web remote:
  1. Press the mute button in the Phones output channel.

Using Phones Out as a Balanced Line Output

The headphone output can operate as a mono balanced line level output. This may for example be useful when an active talkback speaker with symmetrical input is connected to the 12Mic.

To activate balanced output mode on the device:
  1. On the main screen, press the PHONES button to access phones output settings.

  2. Press the encoder to open additional settings .

    w1A 311 5T 1
  3. Press the BAL button to switch the channel to balanced out.

To toggle balanced output mode using the web remote:
  1. Open the phones output channel.

    wAL 311 5T 2
  2. Press the BAL button to switch the channel to balanced out. The channel that was routed to the left phones output will now be applied to both tip and ring of a TRS connector, the phase being inverted on the ring.