Power On

The 12Mic-D has a power switch at the AC inlet and a standby switch at the front.

Perform the following steps to power on the 12Mic-D:
  1. Ensure that one of the power inlets is properly connected to a power source.

  2. When using the AC inlet, toggle the mains switch at the back of the device to position I (down). The power indicator will light up in red (Standby) or white (On). This depends on the state of the device before it was disconnected from a power source.

  3. If the device is in standby mode, hold the encoder for two seconds to boot the device.

The 12Mic-D features a dark mode which deactivates some or all lights of the front panel. This can be used to let the device appear powered off when it is in fact powered on. A short push on the encoder or any button deactivates this mode temporarily.