Network Connection

On the rear of the 12Mic, two ruggetized RJ45 connectors labeled NET (PRI) and NET (SEC) provide ethernet connectivity. The supported link speed is 1 Gb/s for AVB.

w12 021 10C 1

A green LED (left, LINK) signals a successful link. A yellow LED (right, ACT) signals network traffic (blinking).

Both straight and crossover cables can be used (Auto MDI-X). Cable lengths of up to 100m are supported when using Cat 5e or higher classification.

The network ports are used to send and receive:
  • up to eight AVB audio streams when connected to AVB switches and endpoints,

  • remote status/control with ATDECC, and

  • remote status/control with HTTP over IP routed networks.

The current link state is also shown on the display of the 12Mic.

Two network port icons in the menu reveal the following states:

Link Icons



wAL 021 10C 3

No link - cable not connected

wAL 021 10C 4

Negotiating link with other endpoint

wAL 021 10C 5

Link with speed of 100 MBit/s (not supported for audio streams)

wAL 021 10C 6

Successful link with speed of 1 GBit/s