Power supply

The 12Mic has an internal power supply (PSU) that is connected via an IEC C14 inlet labeled "PSU" at the rear of the device. It is a high performance switch mode power supply that accepts 100V to 240V AC. It is short-circuit-proof, has an integrated line-filter, is fully regulated against voltage fluctuations, and suppresses mains interference.

w12 021 2C 1

The power switch next to the inlet internally disconnects the line and neutral connection to the internal power supply. Ground will remain connected.

12 V DC inlet

An optional external power supply can be connected instead of - or in addition to - the internal power supply. Redundancy is established when both inlets are connected to a power source. Additionally, both inlets are internally monitored. The 12Mic can warn when one of the inlets receives no power.

The power supply must be capable of delivering 2.5 A at 12 V DC and connect with a type A (IEC 60130-10) plug (5.5 mm outer diameter, 2.1 mm inner diameter, positive polarity, optional lock tab).

Insert the connector fully with the lock tabs facing sideways, then gently turn 30 degrees clockwise to secure the connector in place. Reverse this process to unlock and unplug the connector.

w12 021 2C 2
Do not push and turn the connector at the same time as this may damage the DC socket.